The dreadful scenes in India remind us of the good fortune we have living in the United Kingdom where the vaccine rollout has been so effective in lowering the cases of Coronavirus. The situation in India, as in other parts of the world, remind us that there are so many others who are less fortunate and that it is a life-long   duty to help those in need both close to them and elsewhere. You may be aware of the British Asian Trust: founded by the Prince of Wales in 2007. The Trust is able to supply oxygen to people in need in India. It states on their website that £50 will  provide oxygen to 40 people, that £430 would buy a low flow oxygen concentrator which can help 900 patients with breathing difficulties and that £830 would buy a high flow oxygen concentrator which would help 550 of the most seriously ill patients. It is clear, therefore, that a huge number of people can be helped by sums of money raised. I intend to meet with the RE Council next week to see if we can support this initiative over the next few weeks, and will keep you updated of any plans.

Thankfully (and quite rapidly), it looks as if we are moving towards a state of near normality, and I believe there is every reason why we should celebrate this fact – this week, it has been wonderful to see the school almost back in full action and the pictures below illustrate how the children have been enjoying the outdoors and our fabulous school grounds!

While not undermining the pleasure which our pupils will get from increasingly normalised lives, I should like to thank you for continuing to support the measures we have in place to keep everyone as safe as possible at school, and will continue to do so until government communication changes.