SENDCO: Mr J Moss.  All enquiries to Mr Moss should be made via front office or via e-mail

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School will meet the needs of children with the following four broad areas of need:

Communication and interaction:

This area of special need covers children who have speech, language and communication needs and/or autism. Children may have difficulty communicating with others. This may be because they have difficulty saying what they want to, understanding what is said to them or they do not understand or use social rules of communication, for example in conversation.

Cognition and learning:

General learning difficulties may show themselves in the following ways presenting as low levels of attainment across the curriculum, difficulty in acquiring skills (notably in literacy and numeracy), difficulty in dealing with abstract ideas and generalising from experience. There may also be a range of associated difficulties, notably in speech and language.

Social, mental and emotional health:

This is a holistic approach to caring for a child’s wellbeing, recognising that mental health and emotional wellbeing impact on a child’s ability to function successfully. Behaviour is a barrier to learning that is no longer looked at in isolation.

Sensory / physical:

There is a wide spectrum of sensory and multi-sensory and physical difficulties. This may range from profound and permanent deafness or visual impairment through to lesser levels of loss which may be temporary. Physical impairment may vary in severity and permanence and require appropriate access to facilities and equipment.

Please CLICK HERE to download our SEND policy which incorporates our Local Offer.