Our School productions are always such an exciting adventure. From learning the dances and walking in the shoes of the characters to the first time, all the steps that go into making a production a reality is filled with creativity, collaboration, and challenges. The children involved in the production journey of Aladdin Jnr. worked amazingly hard to bring this Disney story to life. The show was filled with high-energy dances, classic Disney characters and cheeky sidekicks. The show left us all wanting to see more, having journeyed on a ‘High Adventure’ to Agrabah!

To say that Aladdin has been a journey is an understatement; the teachers are very proud of the children in Year 6 and Year 5. We have been so excited for the community of St. Francis of Assisi to see all the hard work and God-given talents showcased. Well done to all the children and a special thank you to all the staff for their involvement.